Identifying Omnivores Worksheet

Hopping across the length and breadth of our free, printable identifying omnivores worksheet are animals like raccoon, ostrich, dog, and duck, all of which have something in common. Run the full gamut of animals that eat both plants and meat. Call them the flexible eaters, omnivores eat foods derived from both plants and animals and ring in a greater food adaptability to the animal kingdom, which it otherwise lacks. In other words, rather than limiting its food to just plants or meat, omnivores go all-out and enjoy it all. The word "omnivore" means "eating everything". Featuring colorful images of animals, this pdf worksheet challenges students to recognize the omnivores and color the stars next to the omnivores.

This identifying omnivores worksheet pdf is ideal for the grade 3 and grade 4 kids.

NGSS: 5-5.LS2.A