Long and Short A Worksheet

Our free, printable long and short A worksheet is an ideal place to practice differentiating between the long a and short a sounds. If kids are stewing about the long A, let them think of the word "cake" and pay attention to how the letter is pronounced there. They will instantly and deliciously get the hang of the long A. If it's the short A that remains a spot of bother, ask them to surround themselves with words like "bat" and "cat", and it won't take long to know why these words are said to have a use short, rather than long, A. The task in this long and short A pdf, is to cut the pictures, say their names aloud, sort them into long A and short A, and glue them appropriately.

Our free long and short A worksheet is ideal for grade 1 and grade 2.

CCSS: RF.1.2.A

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Long and Short A
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