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When two rays meet at a common endpoint, an angle is formed.

An angle has two major parts.

Vertex: The common endpoint.

Arms: The two rays that make an angle.

Parts of an Angle

Naming the vertex and arms of an angle

vertex and arms

Here, B is the vertex of the angle; BAandBC are the two arms of the angle.

Want to go after it right away? Here's a little practice.

1. Take a closer look at the image, and find out the vertex and arms of each angle.

write parts

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write parts answer

2. It's time to take your learning a notch up! Draw an angle with the vertex Q and arms QPandQR.

Click here to see if your answer matches the sample we have here.

draw angle answer

Take up the challenge!

Name the vertex and arms that form each angle in the given figure.

common vertex

common vertex answer

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Sample Worksheets

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