Online Practice | Interactive Digital Worksheets


Grab onto our kindergarten online worksheets to test your knowledge of key topics. Explore counting, addition, subtraction, nouns, verbs, CVC words, and plenty more. Switch gears between math and ELA at your pleasure.

First Grade

Amplify practice, drawing on the wealth of our grade 1 online practice exercises whose range of topics is diverse and covers parts of speech, phonics, number sense and operation, measurement, and more.

Second Grade

Easy to scroll through and incredibly instructional, this collection of digital exercises for grade 2 is an invaluable asset for the budding math scholars and aspirational ELA practitioners in the 2nd grade. Don’t miss the MCQs on diphthongs, irregular plurals, telling time, and multiplication.

Third Grade

Give learning a gusto with our well-researched exercises! Get back into the swing of things with a never-ending stream of questions that address the whole gamut of your requirements. The grade 3 online practice includes area, abstract and concrete nouns, and more.

Fourth Grade

Appease the grade 4 child’s hunger for online practice instantly yet delectably! Not only do they answer questions in topics like finding the area and perimeter and fractions head-on, they also prove their mettle in ordering adjectives and root words.

Fifth Grade

Call them a mash-up of learning, consolidation, and testing all wrapped up into one, our online worksheets for grade 5 deliver what they promise in ELA topics such as identifying facts and options and math topics like decimals and order of operations.

Sixth Grade

Recalibrate how you help yourself grow from ordinary to inspired while practicing and answering questions related to exciting topics like pronoun-antecedent agreement, commas in compound and complex sentences, and finding median and mode in our online worksheets for children in 6th grade.

Seventh Grade

Smile, for you will now be an experience that others will be keen to emulate! Watch a range of traditionally tricky topics, such as coordinating adjectives and identifying appositives and appositive phrases, feel easy like never before with our 7th grade online worksheets.

Eighth Grade

Revisit ever-important topics encapsulated in the form of easy digital worksheets for grade 8 students here! Let not Pythagorean theorem and exponents trouble them anymore! Never be tripped up by conditionals.