Free Lessons and Interactive Exercises

Keep yourself up-to-date drawing on our free lessons and interactive exercises. Watch the hardest concepts melt away in a flash as you explore a wealth of lessons that help address the learning needs of children from kindergarten to high school. While our free lessons naturally progress from the basic to the advanced topics that conventionally trip learners up, they also tremendously engage them thanks to the lucid explanation, easy-to-relate examples, lifelike scenarios, and interactive exercises. Welcome aboard a never-before learning journey on the wings of our math and English lessons!

Math Lessons

What makes our math lessons a class apart is they not only supplement learning, they keep kids entertained beyond measure. Whether you are looking forward to learning something from scratch or you are keen to upskill yourself to effortlessly outsmart your peers or to simply test your skills, our lessons work equally well. Math-learning moments will be a joy that every child will cherish for a lifetime. Why wait now? Jump in and take a first step to making math a dear companion.

ELA Lessons

Our ELA lessons playfully yet responsibly shepherd learners through the pillars of the English language, with grammar and vocabulary at the forefront. Get started with the parts of speech, and wrap your head around intricate grammar concepts like misplaced and dangling modifiers and conditionals, to name a few. A haven for grammar enthusiasts and greenhorn grammarians alike, our lessons will tell the English story in a different way.