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Are you looking for CCSS-aligned teaching resources like printable worksheets, video lessons, interactive quizzes, and educational games for K-12 children? Say goodbye to your grammatical problems and arithmophobia with! Students, teachers, and home-schooling parents will find engaging worksheets, explicit explanations with examples, online practice exercises, animated video lessons, fun games, and adequate learning and teaching resources all under one roof.

Online Worksheets
Online Worksheets

Boast scads of practice in math and ELA by gaining access to our digitally fillable worksheets! Interactively test the knowledge of kindergarten through grade 8 students, and verify their skills in important math and English topics. Assign worksheets to children; simply sit back and relax while our software auto-grades and tracks their progress.

Printable Worksheets
Printable Worksheets

If you are the kind who thinks “Practice makes perfect” and are keen for a variety of everyday practice worksheets, and if making worksheets is a difficult task for you, then use this printable collection of free math, ELA, and science worksheets for kids. Access the answer key, save worksheets to your collections, create folders to organize worksheets, and do much more!

Interactive Lessons
Interactive Lessons

The good news is that math and English have just found a new way of instruction! Witness a shift from the boring to the amusing, from the preachy to the engaging, and from the pedantic to the interactive. To make scrolling through lessons a breeze, we have classified the lessons into distinct categories.

Educational Games
Educational Games

A real show-stealer, our math and English games are a whiff of fresh air. The idea is that you learn while you play. In other words, we help you take the sting out of the most daunting ELA and math concepts by presenting them in the form of thrilling games. Make learning numbers, articles, nouns, and verbs a gamesome experience.

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So happy I found Cool features, I must say! Saved a bunch of worksheets in My Collections. Done for the week. Thanks!

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Thanks for making learning so much fun! Interactive and printable worksheets, games, video lessons, interactive quizzes, Tutoring Hour has everything. Amazing!

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Assigned a few interactive worksheets to my class, and that’s all I had to do. I have finally found the right thing! Never going to stop using this!

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I just saw the subscription notification. I can’t believe it is $29.95 only! Never come across a website that’s so affordable. Subscribing right away! Keep up the good work!