5th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Set the stage for learning with our free, printable 5th grade language arts worksheets. Prepare children to use correlative conjunctions, prepositions, interjections, and perfect verb tenses. Help them identify shifts in verb tenses, use commas in a series, learn the meaning of Greek and Latin prefixes, interpret figurative language, draw inferences, make predictions, and much more.

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Adding an Interjection

If kids complete these sentences by picking suitable interjections from the word box, they'll let each sentence exude emotion and spontaneity in spades, something that no other part of speech can achieve.

Adding an Interjection

Completing Words in a Passage Using Prefixes

As you complete each pointed word in the passage by prefixing it with one of the options given, remember not to worry if you end up using the same prefix more than once or twice.

Does the Sentence Alliterate or Rhyme?

Identify whether the highlighted part in each sentence impresses by using the same sound at the beginning of words that are close together or by including words that end with the same sound.

Does the Sentence Alliterate or Rhyme

Mismatched Causes and Effects

Demonstrate mastery of a key thinking skill that helps you get keyed into why things happen and what effects they have, as you match correctly to create proper cause-and-effect sentences in our 5th grade language arts worksheets.

Correlative Conjunctions

Practice showing the relationships between similar or contrasting ideas, bringing to the fore the connection between the two elements in every sentence, which kids complete by choosing the right pair of correlative conjunctions.

Correlative Conjunctions

Identifying Greek/Latin Roots & Writing Their Meanings

Figure out the part of each word that has the main meaning and that its other forms are based on, and write the meaning of this part in this section of our printable grade 5 English worksheets.

Recognizing Similes in Poems and Writing Sentences Using Similes

Not only do kids identify and underline each instance of similes in these poems, they also jot them down in the space prescribed and write everyday sentences that let these similes shine in use.

Recognizing Similes in Poems and Writing Sentences Using Similes

Parts of a Dictionary

Study how a dictionary serves as a central repository of words, word meanings, their pronunciations, and more as you answer the questions that follow the entry words.

Parts of a Dictionary

Past Perfect Tense

Be a whiz at using the tense that indicates an action that was completed before another action took place in the past, as you morph the verbs given into the past perfect tense form and complete the sentences.

Is it "Lose" or "Loose"?

Before kids choose between ""lose"" and ""loose"" to complete each sentence in our grade 5 ELA worksheets pdf, they must swot up on the two confusing words using the explanations and examples in the box.

Which Sentence Uses Personification?

Thanks to the specific verb used, one that gives a human quality to the non-human thing being discussed, one of two sentences in each set qualifies as an example of personification; let kids identify the personification sentence.

Reading Timelines | Cut and Glue

These sequencing tasks based on timelines, tools that help kids grasp the progression and duration of real-life events, first task children with answering a few questions, before they go on to present a cut-and-glue exercise.

Reading Timelines - Cut and Glue

Direct and Indirect Objects

If you happen to spot an indirect object in these sentences, circle it, and if you come across a direct object, remember to underline it in our printable 5th grade language arts worksheets.

Replacing and Rewriting Sentences

Zero in on the underlined word, utilize the context of the sentence to discern what it means, and replace it with a synonym from the options.

Explaining Metaphors

Try and make sense of the metaphors used in these sentences, and write a concise explanation of the idea they express in the space provided in these pdf English worksheets for grade 5 kids.