6th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Thanks to our free, printable 6th grade language arts worksheets, children will be on a league of their own, standing out with effective communication, stellar critical thinking skills, and faster cognitive development. Our ELA worksheets pdf for grade 6 will help kids articulate their thoughts coherently, while stealing the show by quickly analyzing texts, evaluating arguments, and forming logical conclusions.

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Completing Sentences with Subject Gerunds

As kids complete these sentences picking from the gerunds given and using them as subjects, they'll get up-close with a versatile tool that will help express actions more abstractly and substantively.

Matching Words to Make Collocations

The collocations in our pdf grade 6 English worksheets start with adjectives or nouns and end with other parts of speech, letting students increase their uptake of little word-word partnerships that frequently appear in speaking or writing.

Writing Personification Sentences

Who doesn't like writing sentences using personification, the figure of speech that imbues inanimate objects with human characteristics, enabling blossoming writers to create vivid imagery and breathe life into their narratives?

Separating Two-Part Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs highlight kids' ease and ability at writing natural language; extend a hand of friendship to phrasal verbs by practicing rewriting sentences by positioning the direct objects after the particles.

Identifying and Fixing Misplaced Modifiers

Practice writing sentences with improperly positioned descriptive words/phrases; identify the misplaced modifiers and write the sentences anew, placing the modifiers where they belong.

Is the Word a Connotation or Denotation?

Remember that denotation is the literal definition of a word and connotation is the feelings or nuances associated with it, when identifying words as denotations or connotations.

Matching Allusions to Their Meanings

Figure out what each allusion given on the left actually means, before drawing a line connecting it to its meaning displayed on the right in these printable 6th grade English worksheets.

Inferring When

Direct kids to infer when the event in each sentence occurred after combining the context, textual clues, and background knowledge to derive a meaning beyond the surface level, making a giant leap in interpreting information.

Inferring When

Correcting Incorrect Shifts in Verb Tense in a Story

The reason why kids can't miss this exercise on fixing improper shifts in verb tense and rewriting stories is that only when writers maintain a consistent verb tense will communication be clear and coherent.

Correcting Incorrect Shifts in Verb Tense in a Story

Which Commonly Confused Word Completes the Sentence?

Evade the pitfalls of commonly confused words and learn the nuances of words like "alter-altar", and "dissent-descent". This sentence-completing section based on frequently confused words is great.

Adding Appropriate Words to Form Oxymorons

Explore the figurative talent that oxymorons display by uniting contradictory terms within a single expression, often creating a refreshing perspective, as you complete these oxymorons by adding suitable words.

Sequencing to Create a Story

Set your students a sequencing challenge in the form of these pdf ELA worksheets for grade 6, where kids transform a bunch of unorganized paragraphs into a coherent story thanks to their sequencing chops.

Sequencing to Create a Story

Identifying Subordinate Clauses and Subordinating Conjunctions

Every subordinate clause has a subordinating conjunction; task kids with finding the subordinate clause and subordinating conjunction in each sentence here.

Identifying Subordinate Clauses and Subordinating Conjunctions

Using Have or Take Collocations

Identify whether "have" or "take" collocates better, and complete the sentences featured in these printable language arts worksheets for 6th grade.

Wise Sayings | Short Passages

Questions that thrive on analyzing proverbs help enhance students' expertise in figurative language, so they will love reading these stories and answering the questions that follow.

Wise Sayings - Short Passages