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Membership and Subscription Help

Membership and Subscription

How do I become a member?

Whether you’re a parent or teacher, obtaining membership of our website is hassle-free. Click on the link below, fill up your details, make the payment, and you are on board! Sign up

How long does the membership last?

Our membership is valid for 365 days, starting on the date on which we receive your purchase order or payment.

When will my account be activated?

Your account will be activated instantly once your payment is processed successfully. An activation email will be sent to you with your username and password, using which you can access your account.

Can I subscribe with more than one account while using the same email address?

Yes, you may use the same email ID to create multiple accounts on our website. Just make sure to use different usernames for different accounts. However, each username will be treated as an individual account and hence charged separately.

24/7 Guidance & Assistance

24/7 Guidance & Assistance

I have some queries. How do I contact Tutoringhour?

Please visit the “Contact Us” section on our website. Enter the details in the specified fields, and share your views in the comment box. Alternatively, you can reach us at

When can I expect a response to my query?

Our support team works round the clock except on Federal holidays. You can expect a response from us within an hour or two. To avoid the possibility of our emails being overlooked, you can check your spam folder or add us to your contacts. However, some issues may take 24 to 48 hours to be resolved.

How do I purchase a school license?

If you are interested in purchasing a school license, please write to us at, and we will customize an affordable plan for you.

Billing and Payment Help

Billing and Payment Help

I’ve decided to subscribe. How can I make the payment?

If you’re getting individual membership, you can choose from a range of payment modes including a credit card, debit card, PayPal, a check, or money order.

How much should I pay for one-year membership?

You gain unrestricted access to all our resources for one year by paying only $29.95.

Will I be able to access all grade levels and all subjects, or do I have to pay for them individually?

With just one subscription, you will be provided unrestricted access to all resources available on our website, across all grade levels and all subjects.

Do I have to pay for printable and online worksheets separately?

No, you can access both printable and online worksheets with just US$29.95 a year.

I’d like to pay using PayPal. How does it work?

Just click on the ‘Pay Now’ button to proceed to a secure payment gateway. You can pay as a guest if you do not have a PayPal account and do not wish to create one. Remember to pay attention when filling in your details for a quick and convenient payment experience.

I’d like to pay with a check or money order. How do I go about it?

Start by printing out the order form and filling it with your details. You can then mail it to us with your check or money order to the address provided in the order form. You will be notified once your account is set up and ready to use.

I'm from India. Can I use GPAY to make the payment?

Yes, you can use GPAY to make the payment. Please pay ₹2,100 to 9940559661. Take a screenshot of the payment made, and send it to us via WhatsApp. We will set up your account instantly.

I was charged, but my account is not activated. What should I do?

If you have been charged but can’t log in, please contact us right away. We will manually activate your account.

My credit card was declined. What does this mean?

If your credit card was declined, it means your payment was not processed, and you were not charged. You can retry the process using a different card or a different mode of payment.

Login Help and Terms of Use

Login Help and Terms of Use

I have issues accessing my account. How do I contact you?

In case of account access issues, please mail us at using your registered email. Our support team will help you resolve the issue.

I want to change my registered email ID. How should I go about it?

Changing your email ID is simple. All you need to do is mail your preferred email ID to us, and we will change the email ID and notify you.

Are there any restrictions on downloading worksheets?

No, there are no restrictions on the number of worksheets that can be downloaded. In fact, you can add worksheets to your collections, organize them into folders, and download the entire folder as a ZIP file or a workbook.

I forgot my password. What do I do now?

Resetting your password is easy. Click on the "Forgot password?" button in your log in page, and a link will be sent to your registered email address. Click on the link and set a new password instantly. The link will be active only for two hours. You can also mail us if you need assistance in resetting your password.

Can I share my login credentials with others?

You are strictly prohibited from sharing your login credentials with others, as it amounts to a violation of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We do track IP addresses of member logins. If we have reasonable evidence that your account is being shared, it can be suspended.

Can I log in to my account multiple times a day?

There is no restriction on the number of times you can log in per day. Access your account as many times as you require.

Can I access my account from both home and school?

All you need is an internet connection to log in to your account. Be it at home, school, or another location, the place is left to your discretion. Please make sure your account information is treated as confidential and is not shared.

Can I share my worksheets with friends?

You may download, print, make copies of, and distribute worksheets and workbooks to your students. You may also share our website link. Please note that uploading, republishing, or reselling material from our website is strictly prohibited.

Viewing and Printing Help

Viewing and Printing Help

How can I view the worksheets?

Our worksheets are in a convenient PDF format. You just need an Adobe Reader or an equivalent piece of software to view them. Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

Grid lines on graph worksheets do not appear when I print them out. How do I print them properly?

Printing the worksheet directly from the browser is the likely cause of this problem. To fix it, all you need to do is download the PDF onto your computer first, and then print it out.

What if I run into issues when printing out a particular worksheet?

Since our PDF worksheets are designed to be instantly printable, it is unlikely that you will run into such issues. But if you do, just email us the details of the worksheet and the specific issue so we can help you.

Renewal, Refund, and Cancellation

Renewal, Refund, and Cancellation

How do I renew a subscription that has expired?

To renew your subscription, log in with your username and password. You will be redirected to the renewal page. Complete the payment process and enjoy our resources for another year. If you face any issues during the process, please mail us at

Can I renew my account that expired a month ago?

Yes, you can still renew your account. Use your old login credentials, click on the renewal link, and complete the payment process to continue using our resources for one more year. If you face any issues while renewing, please mail us at

If my membership expires, will you charge my card automatically for renewal?

No, we do not support auto-renewal, so your card will not be charged without your knowledge. However, we will send you a reminder when your account is about to expire.

Can I get a refund if I discontinue my subscription?

In the event of cancellation of membership, you are entitled to a full refund only if you notify us within 7 days from the date of payment. Write to us at to claim a refund. For further information, please take a look at our Refund Policy.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you decide to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time during your membership term by mailing us at Your account will stay active till the end of the term. However, it will not be auto-renewed for the following year.

Updates to the Website

Updates to the Website

Do you often add new worksheets?

Yes, we do. We make it a point to constantly update our worksheet collections in existing and new topics alike. Click here to check out our latest additions.

I need worksheets on a specific topic, but I can’t find them on your site. How do I request them?

You can mail your request to us. Our experts are always ready to work on new topics, and you can access them the moment they’re up on the website.

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