Educational Games for Kids

ELA Games
Identifying Action Verbs
Call it learning or call it fun, this action verbs game has oodles of both. Identify the action and break the cube with the correct -ing form of the verb.
Positive, Comparative, and Superlative Adjectives
Ratchet up excitement as kids help the dragon choose between positive, comparative, and superlative adjectives to complete sentences and reach the treasure.
End Punctuation
Determine if a sentence is a statement or a question, and discover the joy of completing sentences using apt end punctuations as you build ten bridges.
Identifying Prepositions
Kick your preposition learning into full gear by clicking on the correct insects, saving them from the witch’s cauldron, and protecting the Insect Kingdom.
Identifying Nouns
Scads of fun trickle in as kids identify the noun parachutes and collect the 10 rungs to help the chipmunk build the ladder to its treehouse.
Completing Sentences with Articles
Bask in the learning enthusiasm this article game exudes in spades! Help the dragon open the correct door each time by choosing between a, an, and the.
Completing Sentences with Adverbs
Supercharge your learning as you build bridges by choosing an adverb to complete each sentence and cross 10 bridges to reach the Emerald Mound.
Homophones with Pictures
Direct the invested and blossoming homophone stars to look at the pictures and click the ice blocks with the correct homophones.
Contract and Give the Dog a Bone
Get ready to play the contraction champ with poise as you go into this fun game of contracting and readily satisfying the hunger of the ever-starving dog.
Singular and Plural Nouns
Be a whiz-bang at forming plurals by adding –s or –es to the singular noun and help Snowball collect strawberries and go across the river to meet Turbo.
Crossing a River of Plural Nouns
Be the first to grab onto this favorite game and witness the spectacle as you forge ahead by writing plurals for nouns ending with -o like mango and potato.
The Strawberry Collector
Watch the plural chiefs at work and with great gusto as they play this game to perfection by instantly churning out plurals for nouns ending in -f and -fe.
Stepping Stone Plurals
Exponentially add to your grammatical character and personality by winning this exciting plural game where the job is to form plurals for nouns ending with -y.
The Irregular Plural Run
Explore the dynamics of irregular plurals as you excel your peers by working around the exciting bunch of nouns in this game and writing their plural nouns.
The Chipmunk’s Treehouse Tale
Amplify your grammatical chops as you display your competitiveness by completing in a jiffy this exciting game of identifying verbs as regular and irregular.
The Tense Treasure Rush
Capture the imagination by nailing this game of identifying tenses as past, present, and future and clicking the correct options as you breeze through.
The Conjunction Dolphinarium
Nestled in this dolphin show is a conjunction game. Kids spot the connector in each sentence and classify it as coordinating, subordinating, or correlative.
The Submarine’s Pronoun Hunt
Watch the Pronoun Submarine in brisk action as it boosts the personal pronoun hoist while you play to complete the sentences with pronouns like he and it.
Counting Game
Counting Objects to 10
Play this thrilling counting objects to 10 math game and boost your forward-counting skills as you enjoy counting and dropping the fish into the sea.
Place Value Games
Decomposing Numbers 11-19
Wrap your head around the basics of place value as you decompose numbers from 11 to 19 into a ten and 1 to 9 ones and load the truck in this math game.
Breaking 2-Digit Numbers into Tens and Ones
Get kids aspiring for more in this place value game by breaking the 2-digit numbers into tens and ones to properly stack the truck with rods and units.
Forming 3-Digit Numbers
Draw intriguing lines between 100s, 10s, and 1s by counting the flats, rods, units and composing the numbers in this 3-digit number place value game.
Composing 4-Digit Numbers
Play this cargo math game; count the base-10 blocks and build 4-digit numbers by composing 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s to grasp 4-digit number place value.
Addition Games
Addition within 20
Switch your practice of addition within 20 to super-fun with a math game that’s won by adding numbers and smashing the bush with the correct sum.
Addition within 100
Together let’s counter the poaching of wildlife by playing an addition within 100 math game. Add the numbers and discover the sum to find the poacher.
Subtraction Games
Subtraction within 20
Wildlife is too precious to be left for poachers to wreak havoc on! Let’s subtract numbers, spot the bush that shows the difference, and smash it.
Subtraction within 100
Make the most of this subtraction within 100 online math game where you find the difference, choose the correct bush, and beat the poachers.
Multiplication Game
Multiplication within 100
Experience fun in spades as you play this multiplication within 100 game. Multiply the numbers, find the bush that displays the product, and smash it!
Division Game
Division within 100
Go into this amusing game of division within 100 with an urge to divide the numbers, spot the bush with the correct quotient and find the poacher!
Comparing Numbers Games
Comparing Numbers up to 10
Score big in this comparing numbers up to 10 game. Compare values identifying the alligators’ snouts as greater than, less than, and equal to symbols.
Comparing Numbers up to 20
Toggle between fun and learning as you compare using symbols illustrated by the alligator’s snout in this online game on comparing numbers up to 20.
Comparing 2-Digit Numbers
Enjoy playing this delightful comparing 2-digit numbers online math game and start recalibrating how you compare double-digit numbers using symbols.
Comparing 3-Digit Numbers
Participate in this online math game on comparing 3-digit numbers and use symbols to tell if a number is greater than, less than, or equal to another.
Rounding Numbers Games
Round Off to the Nearest 10
Shape up your rounding skills as you sail through the sea rounding off 2-digit numbers to the nearest 10 and gather the puzzle pieces of the treasure map.
Rounding 3-Digit Numbers
Rewire your brain to instantly decide whether to round up or round down 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10 or 100 and unfurl the treasure map.
Rounding 4-Digit Numbers
All Hand Hoy! Piece together a treasure map as you round up or round down 4-digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100, or 1000 in this fun rounding numbers game.
Rounding Multi-Digit Numbers
Throw off the bowlines and explore the vast expanses of the sea as you round off 4-digit, 5-digit, and 6-digit numbers and gather the 10 pieces of the map.
Rounding Decimals
Welcome aboard this rounding-off odyssey where you unravel 10 pieces of the map as you round off decimals to their nearest tenths, hundredths, or whole numbers.
Telling Time Games
Telling Time to the Hour
Watch a flurry of excitement as you read the time and switch off the alarm going off at the specific hour in this telling time to the whole hour game.
Telling Time to the Half Hour
Master telling the time to the half hour by reading the analog clocks and turning off the alarm set at a specific time in this online math game.
Telling Time to the Nearest Five Minutes
Ace telling the time to the nearest five minutes as you seek out the watch showing the said time and switch off its alarm in this online math game!
2D Shape Games
Basic 2D Shapes
Oriented toward identifying 2D shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles, this game gets kids tapping the right shape to reach the treasure.
Recognizing Two-Dimensional Shapes
Beat boredom with this recognizing two-dimensional shapes game. Jump and bump on the oval, heart, star, or other plane shapes to find the treasure.
Identifying Plane Shapes by Their Sides and Angles
Transport kids to an old castle with hidden treasure and get them counting the sides to identify the 2D shapes and knocking them down to reach the treasure.
2D Shapes in Real-Life
A great leisure and learning opportunity for kids, this treasure hunt game gets them scouting out the real-life objects resembling the specified 2D shapes.
3D Shape Games
Identifying Basic 3D Shapes
Unleash the bottled-up curiosity of your kids and get them to scout 3D shapes like cubes, cones, cylinders, and spheres, and find the hidden treasure.
Recognizing Solid Shapes
Spot the correct solid shapes; smash the rectangular prism, cone, cube, cylinder, or sphere; and sneak into the unknown chambers of the treasure castle.
Everyday 3D Shapes
To lay your hands on the hidden treasure, all you need to do is tap the real-life lookalike of each 3D shape and traverse through the mysterious castle.