7th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Achieve all-around perfection with our free, printable 7th grade language arts worksheets. Explore phrases, clauses, and more to wield syntactically perfect language. Focus on devices like allusions to practice interpreting non-literal wording. Work on causes and effects, connotations and denotations, and more to expand your quiver of words and word usage.

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Changing Passive Voice to Active Voice

Shifting the focus from the action to the doer of the action while kids rewrite the sentences is what is expected in this set of printable grade 7 language arts worksheets.

Collocations with Do and Make

Split focus two-ways, and carefully consider both "do" and "make" before settling on one of them to meaningfully complete each sentence.

Explaining Mythological Allusions and Using them in Sentences

This section, where kids write the meanings of allusions and write sentences using them, includes just a few of the hundreds of allusions inspired from Greek mythology.

Identifying Adverbial Clauses

Flex your grammatical muscles by identifying adverbial clauses, as you navigate through the sentences. Keep your eyes peeled for these special clauses that add an extra layer of information.

Identifying Adverbial Clauses

Checking the Correct Causes or Effects

Unravel the mysteries of 'why' with our 7th grade English worksheets pdf! Read the first half of each sentence and check the correct option on the right to complete the cause-and-effect sentence.

Checking the Correct Causes or Effects

Collocations with Go, Come, Get, or Keep

Take a quick look at the word box, making sure to give each option the attention it deserves, as you land on one that fits the context of each sentence here.

Completing Analogies by Writing the Missing Words

Before you start figuring the missing words to complete the analogies in our pdf ELA worksheets for grade 7, think about the relationship that governs each analogy.

Inferring When Something Happened

Don the detective's hat to deduce the timelines concealed within passages in this bunch of worksheets. Read each sentence and infer when the situation described took place.

Inferring When Something Happened

Completing Sentences Using Object Gerunds

Take a giant leap on your road to mastering gerunds as you fill the gaps with gerunds that function as objects in this collection of exercises.

Which Words Make the Sentences Hyperbolic?

One of three options in each set hides in it the magic of hyperbole and helps lift its spirits like no other. Identify this word/phrase and use it to complete the sentence.

Completing Sentences with Correct Words

Quickly dodge the wrong option as you land gracefully on the correct one in these grade 7 ELA worksheets pdf featuring commonly confused words.

Correcting Sentences with Dangling Modifiers

Weave your magic and set right the modifiers in the sentences from our editing and proofreading task. Instruct 7th grade kids to rewrite each sentence by correcting the dangling modifier in it.

Correcting Sentences with Dangling Modifiers

Highlighting Infinitive Phrases

Elevate your knowledge of phrases to the next level as you confidently work your way through the sentences, figuring out the infinitive phrases.

Identifying Positive and Negative Connotations

Recognize each connotation as positive or negative and explicitly indicate its type in these printable English worksheets for 7th grade children.

Completing Sentences Choosing from the Idioms

If the kid reads each scenario carefully and combs through the idioms to pick one that fits, they'll be able to answer this exercise with one hand tied behind their back.