4th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Bring out the best in kids with our free, printable language arts worksheets for 4th grade. Be it pronouns, progressive tenses, helping verbs, modals, punctuations, similes, metaphors, idioms, or drawing inferences, our pdfs are always head and shoulders above the rest. Empower kids to engage with the world around them by expressing themselves confidently.

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Completing Sentences with Correlative Conjunctions

Master writing sentences that accurately convey the intended message by being well-structured thanks to our worksheets on picking from the correlative conjunctions given to complete each sentence.


Completing Sentences Using "Their", "They're", or "There"

Don’t let kids be entangled in the intricacies of "their", "they're", and "there"; ask them to complete each sentence appropriately after reading the explanations and examples given.

Explaining Idioms - Cut and Glue

Turn to the idioms in these printable English worksheets for grade 4 learners filled to the brim with expressions awash with nuance, cultural insights, humor, and wit.

Indefinite Pronoun-Verb Agreement

Distinguish the singular and plural indefinite pronouns by choosing the correct verb to complete each sentence, letting pronouns like "few", "most", and "everyone" worm their way into kids' repertoire.

Inferring the Hobby from the Context

Each sentence in this part of our printable language arts worksheets for 4th grade provides insights into a hobby; task kids with uncovering the hobby, taking clues from the details given.

Abbreviating Titles

These exercises on writing abbreviations of the highlighted titles, which give kids a solid a foundation for effective written and spoken expression, will draw children toward its orbit.

Matching Metaphors to Their Meanings

Activate kids' imagination using the metaphorical language in these grade 4 language arts worksheets pdf, where the task is for children to match each metaphor to its meaning.

Completing Scenarios with Predictions

Put two and two together to choose the option that you predict will conclude each story; sort through the evidence and make sensible predictions to answer this section.

Completing Scenarios with Predictions

Converting into Reported Speech | Time Expressions

Practice identifying time expressions that signal direct speech and transform them into reported speech with this pdf collection of ELA worksheets for grade 4 kids.

Completing Sentences with Stronger Words

Some words are too feeble to light a fire under a sentence, while others usher in a world of wonder and excitement; for more, use the stronger words and complete these sentences.

Completing Sports Analogies

Give your language practice a welcome fillip by completing these sports analogies using words that perfectly fit in the comparison spectrum.

Putting Stories in Order

This set of exercises, where kids reorder the paragraphs to cohere them into interesting stories, is proof that kids and storytelling will never lose harmony with each other.

Putting Stories in Order

Mild and Strong Interjections

Recognize the interjections and tell if they are mild interjections, gentle sparks that lightly flavor our speech, or strong interjections that are on the verge of exploding with delight, frustration, and so on.

Mild and Strong Interjections

Completing Proverbs/Adages Using Given Words

Each proverb in our 4th grade language arts worksheets pdf, when complete thanks to an apt word from the word box, will sparkle like a gem of wisdom that transcends time and culture.

Two-Syllable and Three-Syllable Words in Passages

While you get a kick out of reading the passages, do also take the time to recognize and distinctly color the two- and three-syllable words in them.

Two-Syllable and Three-Syllable Words in Passages