2nd Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Zhush up your resources with our free, printable 2nd grade language arts worksheets that are accompanied by answer keys. Scroll down for a glimpse of engaging exercises in collective nouns, irregular plurals, reflexive pronouns, past tense, prefixes, suffixes, and many more CCSS aligned grade 2 English topics.

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Changing Adjectives to Adverbs

Train the minds of grade 2 children to add the suffix "ly" and transform adjectives into adverbs in these grade 2 ELA pdfs.

Abbreviating Months of the Year

Shake up your abbreviation game a little with this section of our printable grade 2 language arts worksheets that gets kids abbreviating the names of the months.

Connecting Causes and Effects | Cut and Glue

Woven through the fabric of the sentence parts are causes and effects. Connect the reason and the result and complete the coherent thread of thoughts.

Connecting Causes and Effects - Cut and Glue

Matching Homophones

Brimming with pictures and wholly engrossing, this segment from our ELA pdfs for grade 2 has kids matching pictures whose names are pronounced the same.

Matching Homophones

Completing Words with the R-Controlled Vowel | AR or IR

Hugely engaging, this part of our 2nd grade language arts worksheets pdfs is packed with pictures. Read out their names and determine if you need an "ar" or "ir" to complete the spelling.

Identifying Proper and Common Nouns in Sentences

A no-brainer, this exercise in our grade 2 English worksheets pdf has sentences with a noun highlighted. All that kids need to do is determine if it's proper or common noun.

Matching Prefixes to Root Words

Designate a word on the right to go with each prefix listed on the left, drawing lines to match them, before writing the complete word in the space given.

Sorting Entry Words Based on Guide Words

Zip right through this exercise, sorting the words under the correct guide words and arranging them as they appear in a dictionary.

Sorting Entry Words Based on Guide Words

Writing Adjectives and Creating Alliterations

Step into the world of word play and describe each noun using an adjective beginning with the same sound as the noun, and create alliterative phrases.

Circling Pictures with Given Consonant Blends

Kick your consonant blend learning up a gear with these printable English worksheets that task 2nd grade kids with figuring out if the blend in the name of the picture is the same as the given blend.

Circling Pictures with Given Consonant Blends

Coordinating Conjunctions | FANBOYS

Bring to the forefront of your mind the FANBOYS mnemonic and fill in the blanks with appropriate coordinate conjunctions to complete the sentences.

Antonym Crossword Puzzles

A compelling mix of antonym clues and crosswords makes this exercise so much more than an average crossword puzzle.

Shades of Meaning | Adjectives

Give the word box a thorough shuffle, looking for words that serve as a synonym of each adjective in these printable ELA worksheets for 2nd grade.

Part and Whole Analogies

Kids will itch to complete this bundle of analogies once they comprehend the underlying relationship between the words.

Identifying Long and Short O Words

 An invitation to have fun, this ensemble of English worksheets pdfs for grade 2 has kids read each word aloud, and figure out if it has a long o or short o sound and color the correct circle.