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Based on their measurements, angles are classified into different types as follows.

Acute angle: Less than 90º

Acute Angle

Right angle: Equal to 90º

Right Angle

Obtuse angle: More than 90º but less than 180º

Obtuse Angle

Straight angle: Equal to 180º

Straight Angle

Reflex angle: More than 180º but less than 360º

Reflex Angle

Complete angle: Equal to 360º

Complete Angle

Examples of different angles inspired from real life

Acute Angle
Right Angle
Obtuse Angle
Reflex Angle
Straight Angle
Complete Angle

Bringing all types of angles together!

Observe the range of each type of angle and comprehend the classification instantly.

ranges in one diagram

Identifying types of angles

Hover on each image to identify its type.

acute angleacute angle
right angleright angle
obtuse angleobtuse angle
straight anglestraight angle
reflex anglereflex angle
complete anglecomplete angle

Have fun with angles!

Count the number of acute and right angles in each letter of the word 'MATH'.

Hover on each letter to see the position of the angles.

Alphabet MAlphabet M
Alphabet AAlphabet A
Alphabet TAlphabet T
Alphabet HAlphabet H

Did you count 12? Math is a real game changer, isn't it?

Sample Worksheets

Feed your skills with lots of informed practice, using our free printable Types of Angles worksheets.