Online ELA Practice

By turns amusing and instructional, our interactive online ELA practice for kindergarten includes exercises like identifying uppercase and lowercase letters, nouns, verbs, question words, beginning and ending sounds, counting phonemes, and more.

If you want to ace your ELA tests in the twinkling of an eye, look no further than our interactive online practice for grade 1. The worksheets include common, proper, and possessive nouns, action verbs, adjectives, personal pronouns, and more.

Play catch-up and give your peers a run for their money drawing on our online ELA worksheets for 2nd grade, whose massive range of practice covers topics like collective nouns, irregular plurals, adjectives and adverbs, sentence types, and more.

Explore how our interactive online ELA exercises get grade 3 children hooked right from the start by engaging them in a plethora of topics such as abstract nouns, regular and irregular verbs, comparative and superlative adjectives, to mention a few.

Our interactive online ELA worksheets for grade 4 boast reams of practice across a broad spectrum of topics like coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, modals, idioms, metaphors, similes, relative pronouns, relative adverbs, and plenty more.

Our online practice worksheets take the grammarians in 5th grade on an ELA tour they’ll cherish forever, starting the journey at correlative conjunctions, catching momentum with perfect tenses, and calling it a day with causes and effects.

Hit the right notes with our online ELA exercises for grade 6 where grammar practice meets vocabulary tests, taking you through topics like collocations, gerunds, shift in verb tense, intensive pronouns, vague pronouns, and punctuation to name a few.

Plan a radical revamp of your learning with our online ELA practice for 7th grade. Take the sting out of differentiating between phrases and clauses, compound direct and indirect objects, breeze through coordinate and cumulative adjectives, and more.

Watch excitement reach fever pitch as you introduce our online ELA practice to children in grade 8, as they answer questions related to verbals, active and passive voice, verb mood, oxymorons, completing sentences with hyperbole, and more.