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Answer our free, printable 50 state flags of the U.S. worksheets, where, after printing out state flag flashcards, kids embark on exercises as rich and varied as matching, choosing, MCQs, cut-and-glue activities, and a crossword to mention a few!

Our 50 state flags worksheets pdf are ideal for kindergarten through grade 5 kids.

The American Flag

This section comes with a host of activities based on the American flag to help kids identify the flag elements and their symbolism.

The American Flag

U.S. State Flags - Flashcards

Make identifying the 50 U.S. state flags enjoyable for kindergarten and grade 1 kids by incorporating these printable flashcards into your learning.

U.S. State Flags - Flashcards

Matching U.S. States to Their Flags

In this section of our printable U.S. state flags worksheets kids in 2nd grade and 3rd grade match each state name to its flag.

Matching U.S. States to Their Flags

Naming U.S. Flags Choosing from the Options

Get kids to identify the flags by looking at the colors, symbols, and motifs and writing the states' names under the flags.

Naming US Flags Choosing from the Options

Identifying Flags' States and States' Flags

Set the ball rolling by identifying the state for each flag or by checking the flag for each state in this 2-part worksheet.

Identifying Flags - States and States - Flags

Identifying U.S. State Flags from Descriptions | Cut and Glue

The key for grade 4 and grade 5 kids to recognize the flag described in each question is to pay attention to the key symbols, colors, patterns, and designs on the flags.

Identifying US State Flags from Descriptions - Cut and Glue

Identifying Flags of the U.S. States - Cut and Glue

Refresh your memory of the U.S. state flags as you complete this cut-and-glue exercise.

Identifying Flags of the US States - Cut and Glue

U.S. State Flags - Crossword

Answer this crossword puzzle based on U.S. states and their flags in this segment of our U.S. state flags worksheets pdf for 4th grade and 5th grade kids.

US State Flags - Crossword