Food and Feeding Habits of Animals Worksheet

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Our free, printable worksheet on food and feeding habits of animals radiates the selfsame excitement that scientists worldwide have had about animals and their food since time immemorial. Not all animals feed on the same type of food. For instance, a squirrel gnaws the nuts, a bee sucks nectar from flowers, a snake swallows its food without chewing, and so on! In this printable worksheet, students need to identify what and how the displayed animals eat and match the pictures and descriptions accordingly. This pdf worksheet, where the child studies the eating patterns of the animals and classifies them as chewing, swallowing, cud-chewing, gnawing, and sucking, will accelerate children's transformation into the keenest observers of nature!

This food and feeding habits of animals worksheet is ideal for the 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade.