Identifying Carnivores Worksheet

Adventure along with this free, printable identifying carnivores worksheet and discover creatures ranging from the ferocious lion to the sly snake. Carnivores have evolved for optimal hunting behavior; strength, keen senses for hunting, bendable wrists for jumping on the prey, and high levels of speed for outrunning animals making these "flesh devourers" the most dangerous predators on Earth. Large carnivores hunt down large herbivores such as deer. Medium-sized carnivores like hawks and snakes feed on rodents, birds, and frogs. Small carnivores like birds and toads may eat insects and worms. Let kids skim through the pictures of animals in this carnivores pdf and hunt for animals that eat other animals for sustenance.

This identifying carnivores worksheet is ideal for grade 3 and grade 4.

NGSS: 5-5.LS2.A

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Identifying Carnivores
Identifying Carnivores

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