Identifying Herbivores Worksheet

Watch this free, printable identifying herbivores worksheet dovetail your kid's natural curiosity about animals into meaningful animal encounters. With “Plants Only, Please!” as their slogan, the animals in this pdf range in size from insects such as grasshoppers to large elephants. Experience up close the animals with high energy demands that occupy all their days munching on highly fibrous matter to meet those demands. Herbivorous animals tug at plants to grab them and then rip them apart with their front teeth. It is no secret that some herbivores like cows chew their cud. Let kids learn the characteristics that set these animals apart, scan through the pictures of animals, figure out the plant-eaters, and circle them in this worksheet.

This identifying herbivores worksheet is ideal for grade 3 and grade 4.

NGSS: 5-5.LS2.A

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