Push, Pull, or Both? | Venn Diagram Worksheet

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Push ahead with your plans to expand science learning with our printable push, pull, or both - Venn diagram worksheet! In a soccer game, when a player kicks a ball, he pushes it. Likewise when flying a kite, you pull it with a string to control its movement. Not to mention, there are some instances where both forces are exerted as well. We push as well as pull a trolley, and we push and pull a thumbtack in and out of a bulletin board, and so on. Can you classify such situations as those that involve a push, pull, or both? Assess yourself with our pdf worksheet! Cut out the pictures, and glue them onto the circles or the intersection according to the forces they illustrate.

Our pdf worksheet with a push and pull Venn diagram is perfect for grade 1 and grade 2 children.