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Take a whack at answering our free, printable magnetic field worksheet! How do magnets attract or repel? Why does the strength of the magnetic force vary with distance? The young scientists, as they warm up to the magnet field, are likely to set the class abuzz with such questions! The answer is every magnet is surrounded by an invisible field, and thankfully, the magnetic lines of forces help visualize this phenomenon. Before you assign kids the task of completing this worksheet, make them aware of the properties of magnetic field lines so they know where the field is strong or weak, where the magnetic field lines originate, and the direction of the lines within and outside the magnet, what happens when two magnets come in contact, and so on.

The pdf worksheet on magnetic fields is tailor-made for children in grade 5 and grade 6.

NGSS: MS-PS2-3, MS-PS2-5

Magnetic Field
Magnetic Field