Matching Stages in the Chicken Life Cycle to Names Worksheet

The activity in our free, printable worksheet on matching stages in the chicken life cycle to names is at once fun and instructional! What's the oval white object you find in a hen's nest called? You got that right, it's an egg! What do you call a baby chicken that just hatched from an egg? If you said chick, you might need practice. Pore over the pictures of the life stages of a chicken and try to recollect their names. Match up the ones you know the names of, and the rest will soon start falling into place. Intertwined to the matching exercise is tracing the names to help the little ones memorize the names. Get busy linking the phases with names!

This chicken life cycle matching worksheet pdf is ideal for kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2.

NGSS: 3-LS1-1