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Wouldn't it be great if your students were just as masterly as you when it comes to making and interpreting line plots? Mixing expert instruction with guided practice, our free printable line plot worksheets help students ease into the concept. A super quick and most effective way to compare data, line plots show the distribution and frequency of data on a number line. Teach students how to organize data and display it on a number line. Aiming to foster student's skills in this unique arena, our line plot worksheets prepare them to not only distinctly identify a line plot but also to construct one from a given set of data.

This assortment of free line plot worksheets is designed for students of 2nd grade through 6th grade.

CCSS : 2.MD, 3.MD, 4.MD, 5.MD, 6.SP

Making a Line Plot

What better way to practice a line plot than looking for one in your living room? Help Ben and Jane count the armchairs, clocks, and toys in their living room. Make a line plot, and display the data as check marks above the number line.

Making a Line Plot

Interpreting a Line Plot

Featuring data about the popular musical instruments in Ms. Kent's class, this pdf interpreting-a-line-plot worksheet tasks kids with answering a set of five questions. Interpret the line plot by analyzing the data and answering the questions.

Interpreting a Line Plot

Make and Interpret a Line Plot

In this double tasking line plot printable, students first construct a line plot using the data from a table that compares the number of fish caught by different people. Secondly, they display their line-plot interpretation skills by answering a bunch of questions.

Make and Interpret a Line Plot

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