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Inspire a sound streak of terrific translation practice among students with our printable translating phrases into algebraic expressions worksheets on translating commonly used words and phrases into mathematical expressions. Our pdf worksheets consisting of word exercises help students figure out how to frame linear or algebraic expressions. With 8 exercises on translating verbal phrases into algebraic expressions involving single and multiple variables stuffed into free worksheets, children will never look wanting for practice.

We suggest these resources for students of grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8.

CCSS: 6.EE, 7.EE

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Translating Linear Phrases | Worksheet #1

If translating algebraic expressions has long been your Achilles heel, here's a super-useful tool. Help yourself write simple linear expressions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with this free activity worksheet.

Translating Linear Phrases 1

Translating Linear Phrases | Worksheet #2

Don't let linear expressions freak you out! In this pdf worksheet, students solve 8 basic verbal phrases with words like "sum", "times", "half", and "add to" and translate them into linear expressions involving a single variable. Suitable for grade 6 and grade 7 children.

Translating Linear Phrases 2

Translating Algebraic Phrases | Worksheet #1

Writing algebraic expressions is not as hard a nut to crack as many think it is. The key in this free worksheet is to identify the keywords that show the obvious mathematical operation at play so translating the verbal phrases into mathematical expressions is easy.

Translating Algebraic Phrases 1

Translating Algebraic Phrases | Worksheet #2

With phrases like "diminished", "multiplied by the cube", and "raised to the third power" in action, this pdf has a lot to offer. Observe keenly and translate the algebraic phrases into their equivalent expressions. Ideal for 7th grade and 8th grade.

Translating Algebraic Phrases 2

Translating Phrases | Multivariable

Get used to phrases like "increased by the product of" and "reduced by the sum of" before forming the correct algebraic expressions in this translating phrases worksheet where there're two or more variables involved.

Translating Phrases - Multivariable

Translating Inequality Phrases Worksheets

Plug into our all-new collection of printable translating phrases worksheets that present verbal phrases of inequalities. Study the written descriptions and translate them as one-step or two-step inequalities.

Translating Inequality Phrases Worksheets

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