Counting Worksheets

Help your little champs nurture the basic skill of counting, with this set of captivating worksheets. Available for free access, these pdf worksheets provide numerous exercises to build kids' motor skills and increase their hand-eye coordination and attention span. Children get to learn, count, and write numbers up to 20. A blend of alike images are presented, so students get ample practice counting the pictures and answering them in the box provided.

This set of counting worksheets is designed for children of kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2.


Counting to 5

Introduce our counting up to 5 worksheets to your toddler, and enable them to improve their analytical skills. Replete with eye-catching images, this printable worksheet never fails to grab kids' attention. Help them practice counting the number of pictures, so they have no difficulty answering each question correctly.

Counting Up to 5

Counting to 10

Allow for your young champ's numeracy skills soar with this rewarding bunch of counting up to 10 worksheets. Children let their counting skills thrive by counting a variety of similar images and jotting their answers in the answer boxes provided.

Counting Up to 10

Counting to 20

Boost your child's early math skills, and keep them engaged with this vibrant free printable resource. Packed with 8 questions, these pdf worksheets are a most fascinating and effective learning and practicing tool for the little ones. What a great way to help elevate their counting up to 20 and also recall numbers up to 10!

Counting Up to 20