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Learn to imagine that perfect line which can make both the halves an exact match! The exercises and activities of our printable symmetry worksheets will help children understand, draw and practice lines of symmetry using a variety of creative shapes and objects around them.

These worksheets are designed for the students of grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5.


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A Line of Symmetry or not?

This pdf worksheet on Symmetry will have children of grade 3 and grade 4 figuring out if the dotted line drawn over each shape is a line of symmetry or not. The clue is to imagine folding the figure along the line and checking for a perfect or imperfect match!

A Line of Symmetry or not

Drawing a Line of Symmetry

Train children in ascertaining the points to draw the line along, to make the shape symmetrical. Our free symmetry worksheet ensures an enjoyable practice by including a variety of shapes to get your little ones thinking.

Drawing a Line of Symmetry

Symmetry in Real-life Objects

This very endearing printable with shapes that will get our second grade children hooked on to it eagerly to draw lines of symmetry. Guide them through this exercise to make them aware of symmetry in everyday objects around them.

Symmetry in Real-life Objects

Counting Lines of Symmetry

Challenge students of grades 3, 4 and grade 5 with this exercise that comes absolutely free. Have them draw and count the number of lines of symmetry of each shape and open their minds to the multiple likely possibilities. Set a timer to make it an exciting group task.

Counting Lines of Symmetry

Completing the Shape Symmetrically

This pdf worksheet of completing the second symmetrical halves of the given shapes can really help spark some critical-thinking skills in students of grades 4 and grade 5. This will also enhance their understanding of what makes an object symmetrical.

Completing the Shape Symmetrically

Symmetric or Asymmetric?

Children of grades 2 and above are sure to drive immense pleasure and learning from this cut and glue activity of cutting out the given shapes and categorizing each these as symmetric or asymmetric. That's a lot of fun, isn't it?

Symmetric or Asymmetric

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