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Power through quadratic equations with this compilation of free, printable worksheets dynamically prepared to cater to the needs of high school children. These worksheets will walk you through important concepts such as standard form of quadratic equations, sum and product of the roots, nature of the roots, and solving quadratic equations using various methods.

These pdf quadratic equation worksheets are custom-made for high school students.

Standard Form of the Quadratic Equation

Practice our standard form of quadratic equations worksheets that consist of topics like converting quadratic equations to standard form and identifying the quadratic coefficients.

Sum and Product of the Roots of Quadratic Equation

Math enthusiasts in high school get to upgrade their skills and practice finding the sum and the product of the roots with these printable quadratic equations worksheets.

Sum and Product of the Roots of Quadratic Equation

Discriminant and Nature of Roots

This section of our pdf quadratic equation worksheets helps high school kids to hone their skills in finding the discriminant and determining the nature of the roots of a quadratic equation.

Discriminant and Nature of Roots

Quadratic Equations - Zero Product Property

Solve the quadratic equations using the zero product property which states that if ab = 0, then a = 0, or b = 0, or both a and b are 0. Use this rule to complete these worksheets.

Quadratic Equations - Square Root Method

Isolate the squared term, and apply the square root method on both sides of the equation to solve the problems in these worksheets on solving quadratic equations.

Quadratic Equations - Factoring Method

Introduce the concept of solving quadratic equations using factoring method with these printable worksheets consisting of quadratic equations with real roots.

Quadratic Equations - Completing the Square

Form a perfect square trinomial on the left side, factorize, and take square root on both sides to solve these quadratic equations using completing the square method.

Quadratic Equations - Quadratic Formula

Write the equations in standard form, and apply the coefficients in the quadratic formula to find the value of the unknown variables in these solving quadratic equations worksheets pdf.