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Seek out practice through our free, printable least common multiple worksheets and get to grips with finding the LCM of two and three numbers. With practice exercises on spotting the common multiples of two numbers and finding the LCM by listing the multiples, factoring, and division methods and well-researched real-world problems where children need to decide between GCF and LCM, this compilation covers the A-Z of the topic.

These pdf LCM worksheets are most recommended for the grade 5, grade 6, and grade 7 students.


Common Multiples - Easy

Engage children with these engaging pdf worksheets on finding common multiples, where children are supposed to write the multiples of each number in the pair, compare the list, and figure out the first two common ones.

Common Multiples - Moderate

Polish the skills of your 5th grade and 6th grade students in determining the LCM by finding the common multiples with this section of our printable least common multiple worksheets.

Finding LCM by Listing Common Multiples

As you already know how to identify the common multiples of two numbers, you can gracefully glide through this task. Take a look at the number pairs, list their multiples, spot the common ones, and figure out the least in the list.

LCM of Two Numbers

Have your grade 6 students mastered determining the LCM by finding common multiples? Let them answer these printable LCM worksheets to ace the other methods of determining the LCM, like factoring and long division.

LCM of Two Numbers

LCM of Three Numbers

When it comes to three numbers, applying the division method is time-saving. Divide the numbers by the common factors if any, and repeat the steps until you've no common factors. Multiply the factors and the quotients for the LCM.

LCM of Three Numbers

LCM and GCF Word Problems

Explore a wide range of word problems on applying GCF and LCM. Children in 6th grade and 7th grade read each scenario, identify whether it requires finding the GCF or LCM based on the keywords, and solve them.

LCM and GCF Word Problems