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Let students get instant access to our free printable assortment of radicals worksheets, so they quickly work around their difficulties understanding the parts of a radical, simplifying a radical expression, and performing the four basic arithmetic operations with radicals. These exclusive exercises are a welcome opportunity for youngsters to practice rationalizing the denominator of a fraction and finding square roots and cube roots of numerals using prime factorization.

This set of pdf worksheets is highly recommended for 8th grade and high school students.


Identifying Radicand and Index

Educate kids on what a radical expression is and what its parts are with this free worksheet. The number outside the radical symbol is called the index, and the number within the symbol is the radicand.

Identifying Radicand and Index

Finding the Square Root

This printable worksheet for grade 8 is abounded with perfect squares from 1 to 400. Use the method of prime factorization to evaluate the square root of each perfect square.

Square Root

Finding the Cube Root

Featured in this practice worksheet are perfect cubes, and the task is for students to determine their cube roots. Resolving each perfect cube into prime factors will pave the way for solving each problem.

Cube Root

Simplifying Radicals

Help students get accustomed to finding the square root and cube root of numbers with this free radical worksheet. Certain radicands presented here are neither perfect cubes nor perfect squares. Get oodles of practice simplifying such radicals too.

Simplifying Radicals

Rationalizing Denominator

Let students know that a radical is irrational, and having it in the denominator of a fraction gives rise to a need for rationalization. Choose an appropriate radical, and operate it with the numerator and denominator of the fraction to eliminate the square root or cube root in the denominator.

Rationalizing Denominator

Operations with Radicals

Be conversant with the basic arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division involving radicals with this worksheet pdf. Simplify the radicals wherever necessary.

Operations with Radicals

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