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A mathematical concept used in real-life scenarios, logarithm plays an important role in measuring sound pressure, the intensity of earthquakes, and the brightness of stars using logarithmic scales and in many areas. This set of worksheets will walk you through important topics like knowing logarithmic and exponential forms, evaluating logarithms, expanding logarithm using properties, condensing logarithmic expression into a single expression, and a few more.

The logarithm worksheets are proposed for students of grade 8 and high school.


Logarithmic and Exponential Form

Train eighth grade students to gain proficiency in converting an exponential form to logarithmic form with this free pdf. The worksheet has two divisions: Part A and Part B. Each section consists of six problems for thorough practice.

Logarithmic and Exponential Form

Evaluating Logarithms

Use rules of logarithms and simplify, to evaluate each expression in this printable worksheet for high school students. There are 12 problems to test your understanding of the concept.

Evaluating Logarithms

Expand the Logarithm Using Properties

Learn to expand a single logarithmic expression and write it as many individual parts or components, with this free pdf worksheet. Apply the quotient rule or product rule accordingly to expand each logarithmic expression as a single logarithm. Be sure to make use of the answer key provided.

Expand the logarithm using properties

Condense each Expression into a Single Logarithm

Knowledge of logarithmic rules is a prerequisite to solve each problem in this printable worksheet for 8th grade students. Condense each logarithmic expression into a single quantity by using the power rule, product rule, and the quotient rule wherever required.

Condense each Expression into a Single Logarithm

Solve the Logarithmic Equations

In order to solve for x, isolate the logarithmic part to one side, and move the remaining terms to the other side. Rewrite the logarithmic form to the exponential form, and solve for x.

Solve the logarithmic equation (solve for x)