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The topic "combination" can be rather confusing for students. But not when they have access to our free printable combination worksheets, using which they learn and practice the concept with tremendous ease. We use combination when the order is not the most important thing. Let’s understand "combination" with a real-life example;fruit salad. A fruit salad comprises apples, bananas, and pineapples. It doesn't matter in what order we add our ingredients. We might wish to add pineapples first, apples next, and then bananas; the fruit salad would still taste the same. Use the formula nCr = n! / r! * (n - r)! to calculate the combination of an event, where n is the total number of events and r represents the number of chosen events. Knowing how to write the factorial of a number is a prerequisite for solving combination problems.

These pdf worksheets are crafted primarily for 8th grade and high school students.


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