Reading a Calendar Worksheets

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Breeze through this collection of free reading a calendar worksheets and equip young learners to fluently read the monthly calendar and yearly calendar and answer the questions using the information from the calendar. These reading calendars pdfs with word problems have questions based on days, dates, weeks, and months.

These pdf worksheets are recommended for students in kindergarten and grade 1.

Days of the Week

Provide students with an opportunity to learn the different days of the week with these printable worksheets, which steal the limelight thanks to a range of activities and exercises.

Days of the Week Worksheets

Months of the Year

Are you scouting for worksheets to teach the 12 months of the year? Fret not! We've got you covered. Our worksheets are packed with activities for kids to deepen their insight into months in a calendar year.

Months of the Year Worksheets

Seasons of the Year

Spark your love for learning with our seasons printable worksheet. Filled with images of different seasons, this pdf requires kids to identify the season and write it in the blank space.

Seasons of the Year

Reading Monthly Calendars | Easy

Get familiarized with reading a simple monthly calendar with this eye-catching resource designed for kids in kindergarten. Included here are calendars with comprehension questions.

Reading Monthly Calendars - Easy

Reading Monthly Calendars | Moderate

Sneak in some extra practice with this compilation, where students of grade 1 write the dates and days pertaining to real-life scenarios.

Reading Monthly Calendars - Moderate

Reading Yearly Calendars | Easy

Displaying a full-year calendar, each worksheet on reading a calendar has a set of questions based on holidays, school break, birthdays, and many more.

Reading Yearly Calendars - Easy

Reading Yearly Calendars | Moderate

Add a bit of flair to your learning with these exclusive reading calendars pdfs. Teach your first grade kids to read a calendar, to find how long an event will last, and to calculate the days surrounding a date.

Reading Yearly Calendars - Moderate