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Allow children unconditional access to this ensemble of free transformation worksheets and equip them with every detail that matters in transformation. No matter how the figure is: slid, flipped, or turned, we have it all covered here and at such easy pace that children would get acclimatized to the whole thing in a jiffy. What's more, thanks to the wide-ranging and multi-grade exercises incorporated here, students get a masterful insight into the three transformations - rotation, reflection, and translation of shapes.

This batch of worksheets is highly recommended for the students of grade 2 through grade 8.


Slide, Flip, and Turn Worksheets

Help kids push-start their learning with this set of basic transformation worksheets that teaches kids how a figure is transformed.

Slides, Flips, and Turns

Translation Worksheets

Be an undisputed master of sliding a shape on a coordinate plane with this set of printable translation worksheets.

Translation of Shapes

Rotation Worksheets

Acquire knowledge of how a figure is turned on a coordinate plane with these rotation worksheets.

Rotation of Shapes

Reflection Worksheets

Grab this set of PDF worksheets to become proficient in graphing the reflection of the shapes on a coordinate plane.

Reflection of Shapes

Transformation: Revision Worksheet

Check how well you have eased into the concept using this printable PDF worksheet. Identify each transformation as translation, rotation, or reflection.

Transformation: Revision Worksheet