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Addition is so much part of our day-to-day life that we don't realize how often we use this shortcut to count objects. Kick-start your kids' journey into the world of calculations as you page through our free printable addition worksheets with myriad number combinations that are sure to considerably benefit children in developing an understanding of addition with and without regrouping. Included here are worksheets with addends that sum up to a maximum of 20 for beginners, progressing to 2-digit, 3-digit, 4-digit and multi-digit addends.

Our printable pdf worksheets are ideal for students of kindergarten through grade 5.

CCSS: K.OA, 1.OA, 2.OA, 3.NBT, 4.NBT

Number Line Addition Worksheets

Addition and the number line are so inseparably made for each other! These fun pdf worksheets for addition of numbers up to 20 are a great joy for children to solve. Kids need to indicate the specified number of hops to reach the final answer.

Number Line Addition Worksheets

Addition Using Ten Frames Worksheets

Get young learners to add using ten frames! Walk through these pdf worksheets, incorporating loads of 2x5 double 10 frames to practice identifying numbers and summing them up to 20.

Addition Using Ten Frames Worksheets

Addition within 20 Worksheets

The first step is always the most important one. Our free addition worksheets with addends that sum up to 20 are just the right way to begin practice for children of grade 1 and grade 2 to accurately and confidently solve addition problems.

Addition within 20

2-Digit Addition Worksheets

Boost parameters with these printable 2-digit addition worksheets for first grade and second grade kids. Efficiently add two digit numbers and practice regrouping as well.

2-Digit Addition

3-Digit Addition Worksheets

Buckle up with these free printable second grade and third grade worksheets featuring 3-digit addition problems and fluently total addends within 1,000.

3-Digit Addition

4-Digit Addition Worksheets

Hit the home run with our 4-digit addition pdf worksheets that train students of third grade and fourth grade in adding numbers within 10,000.

4-Digit Addition

Adding Large Numbers Worksheets

Cruise through these free printable worksheets curated to test the potential of students of grade 4 and above. Simply sit back and watch your child compute multi-digit addition like a pro.

Large Numbers Addition

Addition Word Problems Worksheets

What does the addition have to do with our everyday life? Where is it applied? Have ready answers to these questions with our addition word problems worksheets involving loads of real-life adding scenarios!

Addition Word Problems Worksheets