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Bar graphs are visual tools that make interpreting data effortless. Bar graphs help compare data among categories and are constructed with two axes, the horizontal x-axis represents categories, while the vertical y-axis shows discrete values. These free printable bar graph worksheets are a complete package and follow a structured step-by-step approach leading kids from representing data as bar graphs to reading and interpreting bar graphs, comparing data with double bar graphs and constructing bar graphs as well. Bear in mind, the tallest bar indicates the largest category.

These free bar graph worksheets are curated for kids of grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4.

CCSS: 2.M.D and 3.M.D

Representing Data as a Bar Graph

Mark is taking an inventory of the existing furniture in his store. Can your second grade kid help Mark represent this data as a bar graph? Direct kids to read the table and quickly plot the data by drawing vertical bars extending to the specified number and color them as well.

Representing Data as a Bar Graph

Counting Fruit and Veggies | Bar Graph

Momma dear needs some help in counting the number of fruit and veggies in her pantry. Would your grade 3 kids mind helping her out? Count how many of each type of fruit and veggies are there, and make a note of the number. Then just draw rectangular bars to represent the collected data in this printable fruit and veggie pantry bar graph worksheet.

Counting Fruit and Veggies - Bar Graph

Reading Bar Graphs | Electronic Products

An up-to-date sale record is a major requirement of any business. This reading bar graph worksheet expects kid in grade 3 to read the bar graph, comprehend the quantity of each item sold indicated by the rectangular bars, identify the least sold, and the most popular electronic item and answer the questions that follow.

Reading Bar Graphs - Electronic Products

Making a Bar Graph | Birds

This making a bar graph worksheet poses a challenge to your grade 3 and grade 4 kids. Instruct kids to read the table, decide the title of the graph, draw and label the horizontal and vertical axes. Assign the categories of birds on the x-axis, and create a scale keeping in mind the least and the greatest number of birds on the y-axis. Represent the data on the graph and Voila, they are done!

Making a Bar Graph - Birds

Comparing Sales with Double Bar Graphs

Comparing data efficiently is a skill which every 3rd grade and 4th grade kid is expected to possess. In this comparing data with double bar graphs worksheet, the sales in two bakeries are presented. The categories of baked goodies are on the x-axis and discrete values with a scale of 10 on the y-axis. Assist Mrs. Saunders in interpreting the double bar graph.

Comparing Sales with Double Bar Graphs

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