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A picture is worth a thousand words is a famous proverb in English. Test this theory with our hand-picked pictograph worksheets. A pictograph is a graph that represents the data using either symbols or pictures. Our set of printable pictograph worksheets with different themes is a perfect resource to practice reading, creating and interpreting pictographs. These pdf worksheets assist students to decipher the key or legend that tells the number represented by each image.

Our free pictograph worksheets are designed exclusively for students of 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade.

CCSS: 2.MD, 3.MD

Counting and Drawing a Pictograph

Bolster the skills of grade 2 and grade 3 students in drawing a pictograph with this pictograph worksheet pdf. Find out how many items of clothing of each kind are illustrated and then represent the data with categories in a pictograph using the key.

Counting and Drawing a Pictograph - Sorting Apparels

Reading a Pictograph

In this free worksheet, students of grade 3 and grade 4 read the pictograph which displays the number of seashells collected by each person. Each picture represents 4 seashells. Practice solving the variety of questions provided in this pdf.

Reading Pictograph - Collecting Seashells

Drawing a Pictograph

Take a look at the tally chart on stationery items. Draw a pictograph by interpreting the data and represent the number of stationery items on the pictograph with the help of the key or legend.

Drawing a Pictograph - Stationery Items

Making and Interpreting a Pictograph

Use this printable worksheet to enhance your child's understanding of reading and drawing pictographs. With the help of the data set, students create a pictograph displaying the number of trees in the orchard.

Making and Interpreting a Pictograph