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Navigate through our free printable line graph worksheets to read, interpret, and draw a line graph from the data provided. Draw a line graph and analyze how the data changes over a period of time with the help of these worksheets. The worksheets offer exercises in interpreting the line graph, reading double line graphs, labeling, scaling, and drawing a graph, and more.

The pdf worksheets are custom-made for students of grade 4 through grade 8.

Read and Interpret the Line Graph

Let children use these free pdf worksheets as a handy resource to practice and perfect their knowledge of interpreting line graphs. The line graph illustrates the total number of motorcycles sold in a week. Read the line graph carefully, and answer each question.

Interpret the Line Graph

Draw a Line Graph

A sales executive working at a local store, James has difficulty finding the total number of toys he has sold by the end of the week. Help James figure out the details by drawing a line graph. Making use of your graphing and interpreting skills, plot the data shown in the table across x-axis and y-axis, and draw a line joining the plots. James has thanked you in advance!

Draw a Line Graph

Read Double Line Graph

Forge ahead with our reading double line graph worksheet, where students are required to interpret the graph with two lines. Keenly observe the key provided, and answer each question. The worksheet contains 5 questions for practice.

Read Double Line Graph

Draw Double Line Graph

Check how well you can draw a double line graph using the data provided. Depict the amounts of rainfall received by two different cities from 2012 to 2016 on a graph, with this printable worksheet. Be sure to use the answer key to check your responses.

Draw Double Line Graph

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