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Navigate through our free stem-and-leaf plots worksheets to become skilled in analyzing, interpreting, and organizing data on plots. The stem-and-leaf plots provide students a quick review of data distribution, thereby facilitating faster computation of the mean, median, mode, and range of a collection of data.

These pdf worksheets are highly recommended for 4th grade through 8th grade students.

Create Plots | Whole Numbers - Standard

Help children know the ins and outs of constructing a stem-and-leaf plot with this set of worksheets featuring data sets with whole numbers.

Create Plots - Whole Numbers - Standard

Making Stem-and-Leaf Plots | Word Problems

Learn to construct stem-and-leaf plots by placing the greatest place value digit on the stem part and the least place value digit on the leaf part of the plot.

Making Stem-and-Leaf Plots - Word Problems

Read and Interpret | Whole Numbers - Level 1

Enhance the data interpreting skills of children in grade 4 and grade 5 by providing guided practice in identifying the highest and lowest values, counting values within or above a specific limit, and more.

Read and Interpret - Whole Numbers - Level 1

Create Plots | Decimals - Standard

Analyze the given data sets containing whole numbers and decimals, and list the stems and leaves in ascending order to make the plot in this part of our stem-and-leaf-plot worksheets.

Create Plots - Decimals - Standard

Word Problems | Decimals

Bolster data analysis skills of 5th grade and 6th grade students as they read the word problems and use the given set of data values in decimals to make stem-and-leaf plots.

Word Problems - Decimals

Read and Interpret | Level 1

Acquire data-interpretation skills with the stem-and-leaf plots displayed in this assemblage of interesting exercises featuring whole numbers and decimals.

Read and Interpret | Level 2

Improve the data-analyzing skills of young scholars with these printable stem-and-leaf-plots. Interpret the plot to answer the questions.

Read and Interpret - Level 2

Back-to-Back Stem-and-Leaf Plots | Standard

Become adept at representing two distinct data sets in a single plot with these worksheets on stem-and-leaf-plots for grade 6 and grade 7.

Back-to-Back Stem-and-Leaf Plots - Standard

Make a Plot | Word Problems

Navigate through these exercises and practice creating back-to-back stem-and-leaf plots by displaying the two sets of data on either side of the stem.

Make a Plot - Word Problems

Interpreting Plots

Gain adequate practice in reading and interpreting back-to-back stem-and-leaf plots with these resources drafted exclusively for students in 7th grade and above.

Interpreting Plots