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This bunch of ordinal numbers worksheets train learners to, write ordinal numbers in both words and figures, convert between the word and numerical forms of ordinal numbers, differentiate between cardinals and ordinals, and identify the ordinal positions. Refer to the attached answer keys as needed. Download now and make the most of our free worksheets!

Ordinal Numbers Charts

Worth pinning up on your study wall, this set of ordinal numbers charts depicts the word forms and numerical forms of ordinal numbers.

Ordinal Numbers Charts

Ordinal Numbers | Coloring

Designed with colorful objects, this pdf resource for kindergarten and grade 1 will provide a better understanding of numbers and their positions.

Coloring Objects in Specified Ordinal Positions

Revisit the coloring fun with this two-part exercise in our ordinal numbers worksheets! Identify and color each picture based on its correct ordinal position.

Identifying Ordinal Positions

This printable set tasks kids in 2nd grade and 3rd grade with locating objects, animals, and more and using ordinal number names to describe their positions.

Ordinal Numbers and Words

A feast of converting between ordinal numbers in words and those in figures, these practice sheets are a must-have to refine your knowledge of ordinal numbers!

Ordinal Numbers vs Cardinal Numbers

Sort cardinal and ordinal number names into their respective columns and identify whether the numbers used in the statement are cardinals or ordinals!