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Walk through our capacity worksheets involving customary and metric units and packed with exercises to help kids use containers of different shapes and sizes to understand that attributes do not change when containers are manipulated. From visualizing to pouring and adding liquids to adjust capacity, converting to smaller units, and solving real-life word problems these PDF worksheets with answer keys are a sure-fire hit with kids. Jumpstart your learning with our free worksheets!

Measuring Capacity Using Small Containers

Decide if the comparisons are correct and color the appropriate number of smaller containers that can be filled based on the water level in the large container.

Measuring Capacity Using Small Containers

Matching Liquid Levels

Watch children in grade 2 and grade 3 match jars with containers based on liquid levels, shade empty jugs to reflect poured liquid levels, and hone measuring capacity skills.

Matching Liquid Levels

Adding or Pouring Out Liquid

Adjust liquid capacities by adding or pouring out water to meet specified measurements, and refine your understanding of volume adjustments.

Measuring Jugs

Raising and Lowering Liquid Levels

Find out the volume of the liquid in each jug, raise or reduce the water levels to answer questions in these measuring capacity worksheets.

Raising and Lowering Liquid Levels

Capacity of Larger Containers (Customary)

Instruct kids to find the capacity of large containers using the number of smaller containers needed to fill them.

Capacity of Larger Containers - Customary

Capacity of Larger Containers (Metric)

Try finding the volume of large containers by multiplying the capacity of the smaller containers given in metric units with the number of smaller containers needed to fill them.

Capacity of Larger Containers - Metric

Converting into Smaller Customary Units

Our printables get kids to pour liquid from a larger container into smaller containers and find the capacity of each smaller container using customary units.

Measuring Capacity of a Single Item - Customary Units

Converting into Smaller Metric Units

Direct 4th grade and 5th grade kids to find the volume of each container in metric units and convert larger units to smaller units wherever required.

Measuring Capacity of a Single Item - Metric Units

Estimating Capacity (Customary)

In each capacity worksheet, kids choose an appropriate unit in part A, sort containers into correct units in part B, and complete sentences in part C.

Estimating Capacity - Customary

Estimating Capacity (Metric)

Reiterate the usage of appropriate metric units: milliliters and liters to measure liquids, select suitable units, organize containers into correct units, and complete sentences.

Estimating Capacity - Metric