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Walk through this ensemble of measuring capacity worksheets to help students gain insight into reading graduated cylinders, reading the measuring jar, measuring the capacity of a single item and many more. These free worksheets are prepared by experts exclusively for students to practice the concept measurement of capacity.

These free printable worksheets are recommended for students of grade 3 and grade 4.


Reading Graduated Cylinders

Incorporate these free reading graduated cylinder printables to give abundant practice to students in reading graduated cylinders. Use the illustrations to determine the amount of the liquid in each cylinder precisely.

Reading Graduated Cylinders

Reading Measuring Jugs

Help students comprehend how to measure the capacity of liquid using a measuring jug with these printables. Read the scales on the sides of measuring jugs and record your answers.

Reading Scales on a Measuring Jug

How much water do you add or pour out?

Jugs with various scales are illustrated in this pdf worksheet. Students of grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 should find out how much water do they add into the jar or pour out from the jar to meet the given measurement.

Measuring Jugs

Measuring Capacity of a Single Item - Customary Units

This measurement worksheet includes customary units of capacity like ounces, cups, gallons, pints, and quarts. Use the illustrations provided in this worksheet to find the capacity of each container.

Measuring Capacity of a Single Item - Customary Units

Measuring Capacity of a Single Item - Metric Units

Access this fourth grade printable to understand how to measure the capacity of each container in metric units. Do not forget to convert larger units to smaller units wherever required.

Measuring Capacity of a Single Item - Metric Units

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