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Our printable points, lines, and planes worksheets focus on developing knowledge of these fundamentals of geometry. Packed with engaging exercises, these pdfs provide the necessary practice in differentiating, identifying, and naming points, lines, and planes. Jumpstart your learning with our free worksheets!

Identifying and Naming Points, Lines, and Planes

Learn to identify and name points, lines, and planes. A point is represented by a dot, a line is defined by two points with a double arrowhead, and a plane is named by an italicized capital letter.

Points, Lines, and Planes

Equip students with this bunch of printable charts and help them learn the definition and identify the symbols representing points, lines, and planes.

Collinear and Non-Collinear Points

Bolster your 8th grade and high school students' knowledge of collinear and non-collinear points with these printable worksheets comprising an array of mixed exercises.

Collinear and Coplanar Points

Grab this printable exercise for quick but targeted learning for grade 8 and high school students in distinguishing between collinear and non-collinear points and coplanar and non-coplanar points.

Understanding Planes

Derive twofold benefit from these worksheets pdfs, where grade 8 and high school students determine if the set of points represents a plane or not, and answer concept-based questions.

Intersecting Planes

Observe the figures and answer questions that contribute to learning about point of intersection of two lines and line of intersection of two planes.