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Stock up your library with this collection of free and printable distance formula worksheets that walk grade 8 and high school students through a variety of exercises that can be solved with the application and manipulation of the distance formula d = √ ((x2 - x1)2 + (y2 - y1)2), which is a derivative of the Pythagorean theorem. Kick-start your journey with measuring line segments drawn on Cartesian planes, move on to calculating the distance between two sets of coordinates, follow it up with finding the side lengths of geometrical shapes, figure out the missing coordinates, identify the types of triangles, and bolster your skills in applying the formula efficiently. Our pdf exercises are a great practice resource that come along with an answer key to facilitate easy evaluation.

These distance formula worksheets are ideal for students in grade 8 and high school.


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Length of the Line Segments Worksheets

Measuring the length of a line segment on a coordinate plane by drawing a right-angled triangle with the line as the hypotenuse, locating the coordinates and plugging them in the distance formula is all that 8th grade students do to prove their mettle.

Length of the Line Segments Worksheets

Distance between Two Points Worksheets

Can you calculate the distance between your home and school using the coordinates? Our printable distance formula worksheets provide adequate practice in substituting the x-y coordinates in the formula: d = √ ((x2 - x1)2 + (y2 - y1)2) to find the distance.

Distance between Two Points Worksheets

Finding the Length of the Side | Shapes

Whether it is the radius of a circle or the side length of a trapezoid, square, kite, or parallelogram, this pdf worksheet should be your obvious choice if you are looking for a variety to practice real-time applications of the distance formula.

Finding the Side Lengths of Shapes Using the Distance Formula

Finding the Missing Coordinates

With x or y coordinate of an endpoint being replaced with a variable, this pdf distance formula worksheet focuses on rearranging the formula to make the unknown variable the subject, and equate it with the given distance to find the missing coordinate.

Finding the Missing Coordinates Using the Distance Formula

Identifying the Types of Triangles

High school students are expected to calculate the length of each side of the triangle using the distance formula and prove if the coordinates of the vertices given as ordered pairs form an equilateral, scalene, isosceles or a right-angled triangle.

Identifying the Types of Triangles - Distance Formula

Midpoint and Distance Worksheets

Be it triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, or circles, our printable distance formula worksheets have them all for students to find the midpoint, and then use the coordinates to find the side length of each geometrical shape using relevant formulas.

Midpoint and Distance Worksheets

Perimeter on a Coordinate Plane Worksheets

Plot the given coordinates on the Cartesian plane, sketch the shape by connecting the points and then calculate the length of each side by plugging the coordinates in the formula, add them to find the length of the boundary surrounding each shape.

Perimeter on a Coordinate Plane Worksheets

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