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Our free printable 2D shapes charts are on the ball if you're drawing a blank telling these shapes apart. Make geometrical shapes come alive with our collection of pdf charts featuring vivid 2D shapes. From squares to octagons, get it all in one place, by bringing into play this handy-visual tool! Print, learn, and master two-dimensional shapes in the wink of an eye.

Our pdf 2D shapes charts are curated for little ones in kindergarten through grade 3.

Basic 2D Shapes | Chart

Embrace the beauty of shapes in one glance! Designed to provide an engaging and hands-on exploration of basic 2D shapes, this learning resource for 1st grade and 2nd grade will be your go-to guide.

Basic 2D Shapes - Chart

2D Shapes | Advanced Chart

Introduce kids in grade 1 and grade 2 to this cutting-edge chart, which simplifies the complexities of 2D shapes. Make learning both informative and enjoyable with this visually stimulating printable chart.

2D Shapes - Advanced Chart

Sides and Corners of 2D Shapes | Chart

Discover the fundamental building blocks of 2D shapes with this appealing pdf chart and delve into the world of shapes, counting sides and corners to identify shapes as triangles, squares, pentagons, and more.

Sides and Corners of 2D Shapes - Chart

2D Shapes in Real Life | Chart

From spotting rectangles in envelopes to finding circles in wheels, identify and explore the presence of 2D shapes in the real world with this visual aid designed to cater to the learning needs of 3rd grade kids.

2D Shapes in Real Life - Chart