5-Digit Addition Worksheets

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Access our free printable 5-digit addition worksheets for practice where nuance and range shine through. Let children work their way to excellence in finding the sum of five-digit numbers. These worksheet pdfs include exercises that aim to hone children's addition skills and boost their confidence to mentally solve problems in both tests and real life.

Our adding 5-digit numbers worksheets pdf work best for children in 4th grade.

Adding 5-Digit Numbers | Standard

This handy pdf practice toolkit, which empowers children in grade 4 to find the sum of 5-digit numbers in a breeze, is perfect for classrooms as well as homes. The problems in this set have addends placed one below the other.

Adding 5-Digit Numbers - Standard

Adding 5-Digit Numbers | With Word Problems

Notch up another milestone by moving from standard sums to interactive word problems presenting real-world scenarios, all in this one-stop pdf resource. Watch children practice as they please and master 5-digit numbers addition.

Adding 5-Digit Numbers - With Word Problems

Line-Up Addition | 5-Digit Numbers

This set of printable line-up addition pdfs tasks 4th grade kids with lining up the addends horizontally, while keeping in mind the place values, and finding the sum. The key is for children to practice as much as they can.

Line-Up Addition - 5-Digit Numbers