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Our free, printable multi-digit addition worksheets are sure to make math fun for children in grades 4 and 5. Jazz up their practice sessions by accessing this exclusive collection of adding large numbers worksheets, which include engaging exercises that task kids with finding the sum of multi-digit numbers through standard problems or word problems. Kids also get to perfect the skill of adding large numbers using the line-up addition method.

These pdf worksheets are designed for 4th grade and 5th grade students.

Adding Multi-digit Numbers | Standard

Be a trailblazer and encourage your peers to use these printable worksheets involving large numbers to find the sum of multi-digit numbers. With the addends arranged one beneath the other, remember to regroup if needed.

Adding Multi-digit Numbers - Standard

Adding Multi-digit Numbers | With Word problems

Take an easy and sure course to accomplish the task of adding multi-digit numbers, making the most of these worksheet pdfs that give a taste of both standard sums and word problems.

Adding Multi-digit Numbers - With Word problems

Multi-digit Addition | Line-Up

Assess grade 4 and grade 5 children's addition skills by introducing them to this pack of print-ready practice worksheets, featuring multi-digit addends. Kids are challenged to find the sum, putting into use the line-up method.

Multi-digit Addition - Line-Up

Multi-digit Addition Word Problems

Give children access to our printable multi-digit addition word problems worksheets, featuring word problems whose real-world scenarios make adding large numbers a cinch.

Multi-digit Addition Word Problems