Adding Decimals in Columns Worksheets

Our free worksheets on adding decimals in columns empower the child to lay a firm foundation to the topic by helping them get the basics of decimal column addition with and without regrouping right! Students must pay close attention to how the digits of the same place fall in the same column and complete the addition problems here. They find the sum as well as figure out the missing digits of the addends. Our printable decimal column addition worksheets are equipped with answer key.

We recommend these engaging pdf tools for the 5th grade, 6th grade, and 7th grade children.


Adding Decimals in column | Worksheet #1

What is the sum of 7.4 and 756.23? Should we add 4 in the first addend and 3 in the second addend? No, always remember we add according to the place each digit occupies. Put your mind in work mode, and get off to a flying start!

Adding Decimals in column 1

Adding Decimals in column | Worksheet #2

Boot out your doubts with repeated practice! With the two addends having whole number parts up to three digits and decimal digits in tenths, hundredths, and thousandths, this pdf worksheet for grade 5 and grade 6 is a perfect review resource.

Adding Decimals in column 2

Missing Digits in Decimal Column Addition | Worksheet #1

In this printable resource, a digit in each of the two decimal addends or the sum goes missing. Make wise use of the other known digits of the addends and sum, add or subtract as required, and determine the unknown digits.

Missing Digits in Decimal Column Addition 1

Missing Digits in Decimal Column Addition | Worksheet #2

Augment your skills as you fill in all the missing digits in each of the 12 problems with this free, pdf adding decimals in column worksheet for grade 6 and grade 7. Make sure you spot the regrouped digits, if any, by observing the digits nearby.

Missing Digits in Decimal Column Addition 2

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