Ordering Decimal Numbers Worksheets

Who says ordering decimals can’t be fun? Sean, Bianca, Hannah and Trevor solved the Rubik’s cube in 10.21 s, 10.11 s, 12.32 s, 11.5 s and 11.22 s respectively. Who do you think solved the puzzle first? This is where your skills in ordering decimals come to play. Compare the numbers from left to right, which means comparing the whole number part first, then the tenths and hundredths and arrange these decimals from the least to the greatest. Tackle situations like this with ease as you practice with our printable worksheets on arranging decimal numbers in ascending (increasing) and descending (decreasing) order.

The worksheets are custom-made for grade 5 and grade 6 children.


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Ordering Decimals
Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2