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Boast the brightness and smarts to order decimals with our free, printable ordering decimals worksheets! Encompassing models, separate exercises in arranging decimals in the increasing and decreasing order, and a combined review on ordering decimals with up to 4 decimal places, this compilation provides a soup-to-nut practice on the topic. The child will be a shoo-in to win this sequencing competition as they accomplish the ordering decimal tasks rapidly and gracefully!

The pdf worksheets on ascending and descending order of decimals are ideal for grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6.

Arranging Decimals in Ascending Order

While these arranging decimals in ascending order worksheets provide a focused review of sorting decimals from least to greatest, there are no models given to help construe the size of decimals. Forewarned is forearmed!

Ordering Decimals Using Number Lines

These worksheets on ordering decimals using number line models help identify which decimal is bigger or smaller. Pore over the position of decimals on the number lines and spruce them up in the increasing and decreasing order.

Arranging Decimals in Descending Order

In these arranging decimals in descending order worksheet pdfs, 4th grade and 5th grade kids compare the whole number part first and the tenths and hundredths next, and put these decimals in order from greatest to least.

Ordering Decimals up to Hundredths

Chock-a-block with sets of decimals with up to two decimal digits, this pdf set on ordering decimals is a must-have for 5th grade and 6th grade kids. Put the decimals in the ascending as well as descending order here.

Ordering Decimals up to Thousandths

How confident are you at ordering five numbers with up to three decimal places? By ordering each set of decimals in these printable worksheets, not only do you secure and express confidence, you inspire it in spades.

Ordering Decimals up to Ten Thousandths

Prepping at its speediest, these printable ordering decimals worksheets offer multi-digit decimals - numbers with up to 4 decimal places. Once your child achieves this task, know that they are ready to ace their exams!

Comparing Decimals

Ram home the fact that there's no ordering without comparing! Explore this bunch of printable exercises, a fundamental practice where the beginners compare two decimals using the <, >, and = signs and come out all smiles.

Comparing Decimals