Arranging Decimals in Ascending Order Worksheets

Experience the thrills and spills in our pdf worksheets on arranging decimals in ascending order! These printable tools on sorting decimals expect children to write each set of decimals in increasing order with speed and precision. In order for the child to sort the set 10.003, 10.92, 9.103, 10.628, and 9.3 in the increasing order, they must first identify and compare the digits in the ones place and tens place so they find the smallest number. In case the whole number parts are identical, the students must work their way toward the decimal digits and find the smallest one, then the next smallest digit, and so on. In this way, they can obtain the ascending order 9.103, 9.3, 10.003, 10.628, and 10.92 for the set given above.

We suggest these free worksheets for the grade 5 and grade 6 children.


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