Missing Minuend and Subtrahend in Decimals Worksheets

Not only do our pdf worksheets on finding the missing minuend and subtrahend in decimals boast heaps of exercises, they have success ringing in every nook and cranny. If x - 319.762 = 24.015, can the students figure that x = 343.777? Remind the math enthusiasts that if the unknown value is a minuend, they must add the given decimal and the difference. Beat into their head that if the missing value is a subtrahend, they should subtract the difference from the given minuend. All decimals in these printable tools contain whole numbers up to three digits and decimal digits also up to three decimal places. There's every chance of the learners getting mixed up with some digits, so don't forget to verify the answers using the included answer key.

Our free worksheets are recommended for 6th grade and 7th grade children.


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