Subtracting Decimals with Tenths Worksheets

Accept the challenge of decimal subtraction all smiles with our pdf worksheets on subtracting decimals with tenths! Remind children that subtracting numbers having one decimal digit is similar to subtracting general numbers. Let speed, consistency, and clarity be your hallmark as you answer a host of problems in each set on finding the difference between two decimals. The whole number parts are up to three places, and decimal digits are in tenths, making the resource a covetous goody with effective prepping in the topic! With or without regrouping, single decimal digit subtraction has never felt easier. Keep at our printable resources, and soon children will transform into stellar math learners.

We recommend these free worksheets for the 4th grade and 5th grade students.

Subtracting Decimals with Tenths

Level 1

Level 2